Cover Letter For Promotion

Dear Mr. Evans,

It’s quite a long time since I have been in your company for about 7 years as your HR assistant and I am very proud to be part of it, because of good deeds and humbleness that has been taught aside from the team work that has been implied by each employee.  From this date, I am applying for the next level of my position as HR head since there is available slots right now.

My humble beginning and my learning has brought me to become more effective and efficient in my work.   It gives me a great experience to be one of the best as I was awarded for 4 consecutive years of my stay as Best employee of the year in the HR department.

My skills and knowledge will continue to grow as your respective company gives enough trainings and seminars for better improvement of each employee, and I believe that I can be more effective and efficient to be in the higher position if I will be given a chance.

My sincerest thank for your time and looking forward for your consideration.

Sincerely  yours,

Dory Beryy

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