Counter Proposal Letter

Dear Ms. Manager:

This is in response to the proposal letter of R&G Food Industries that you forwarded to me.

In my opinion, it may not be a good idea to purchase their new organic products ahead of their actual nation wide release of the new organic products as we need to find out first how feasible their new products will be in the general market before we make such a big investment on those new products. I feel like it would be wiser t wait a while until we gauge its profitability.

As it is now, the current products of R&G are now being equalled by other products in terms of popularity and quality. It has not been that in demand like it was in the past years. For these reasons, I suggest that we wait a while and just order their new products as they officially come out in the market. There is no need to rush at all.

I am hoping that you will be taking this letter into consideration as I think this will be for the optimum of our company’s interest.

Thank you very much


Betty Nichols

Product and Distribution Manager

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