Copy writer Job Announcement Letter


Mr Stephen,

Literature department,

Florence University


Mrs Taylor,

Copy writing Department,

Florence University

Dear Mrs Taylor,

This letter has been written for you to make an urgent announcement for the job of Copy Writer. There are certain issues which have generated with the current Copy Writer of our University, Ms Carmen; and hence it is for this reason that Mrs Carmen has given up the job and we are found in an immediate need of another copy writer for our university. You have excellent copy writing ability and you have served this position for some time in our university in the past. So, I, hereby, plea to you to shoulder this responsibility along with me until the new copy writer is not recruited for the university.

The list of the probable, who I think would be able to serve the position of copy writer, has been enclosed along with this letter. Make your suggestions heard to me as soon as possible. Looking forward to working with you,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stephen

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