Contract Acceptance Letter


Mr Pettigrew,

KBS Constructions LTD


Mr Flint,

PBDS Plumbing Parts Supplier

Dear Mr Flint,

This letter has been written to you to make you aware of the fact that the contract offer made from your side has been accepted by our construction firm. It has been a successful association and a healthy work relation between the two of us for the last couple of projects and hence, it is for this reason that the construction company feels the need to make a contract with your firm for all the plumbing related parts for our new project in Glamorgan.

However, there are certain clauses in the offered contract that we need to discuss to bring out a consensus between the two of us. The points to be discussed rather amended have been suggested in the documents which have been enclosed along with this letter. We would like to hear a reply as soon as possible. Looking forward for yet another successful contract between the two of us,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Pettigrew


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