Congratulations Promotion Letter

Dear Mr. Parkson,

Our company would like to extend our deepest congratulations to you as you make it to the top of your career for being promoted as one of the marketing head effective this date of March 21, 2011.

The company is very proud of you as you exceeded the target that has been given to you in the past 3years of your service.  You are an extra ordinary employee that has been a very good influence to the many for you have showed your perseverance towards your goal to make it to the top of your career without any hesitations.  You are smart enough to show how effective you are in your position.

Therefore, with the achievements that you have showed, the company is giving you the privilege to become the marketing head as you lead your team and influence more towards our goal.

In behalf of the KING Marketing Company, we salute you for your new endeavor in your career.

Best wishes and good luck…

Yours truly,

Mr. James Hoe

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