Congratulation Letter for Students


All the students

Tenth Standard

Sun Rise Higher Secondary School

89 On Site Road

North London, UK 3896

Dated: 4th of July 2012

Subject: Letter for passing board exams

Dear students,

This is to congratulate you all for securing excellent marks in your board exams. It is a tremendous achievement that has brought more reputation to our school.

Our school has always set high standards and our students have ensured that this standard is maintained. Every year the top ten highest marks are scored by students of our school. The average percentage is around eighty five percent. But this year you all have set new standards. The average percentage is above ninety percent. This is a moment of pride for our school. You all have exceeded our expectations. I would like to thank you all for setting such high standards and ensuring that the reputation of our school is maintained. In order to mark this happy occasion I am declaring one month holiday for you all.

I would like to congratulate you all again and I hope you keep performing like this and maintain the reputation of our school.


Lisa Marie Presley

Head Principal

Sun Rise Higher Secondary School

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