Congratulation Letter for Salary Increase


Jake Blake

Assistant Manager

Aspen group of Companies

78 Universal High Street

New Brunswick, UK 4587

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Letter to congratulate for increment in salary

Respected Mr. Blake,

This letter is in regards to the recent increment in your salary by twenty percent. I would like to congratulate you for the salary increase.

Our company believes in rewarding deserving candidates and motivates them to perform better. You have been working in our organization since last three years. You have been an integral part of our organization and have been performing constantly since your date of joining. You have always exceeded our expectations and ensured that the company targets are met. You have always done your job to the best of your ability and skills bringing in more profits for the organization. I believe that you deserved this increment. The organization usually gives an increment of ten percent every six months but we decided to make an exception in your case because you have been a consistent performer.

I hope you continue to perform like this and bring in more profit for the organization. I would like to congratulate you again.


Larry King

HR Manager

Aspen group of Companies

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