Condolence Letter to a Friend


Mr. Patrick Peterson

724 Stiles Ave
Maple Shade,
NJ 07052-1524

8th July 2013

My dear Patrick,

It gives me great pain to write this letter, on the loss of your dear Mom, Mrs. Peterson. I had the pleasure of meeting your mom personally and enjoy a lot of wonderful memories of her. I cannot forget the time when all of us landed at your house suddenly when your mom was so sweet to welcome us and treat us with lot of love and affection. I always envied you for having such a great and wonderful mother. Your mom was so kind that any thoughts of her give only happiness.

I am really sad for this sudden loss and I cannot even imagine how it would be for you. I absolutely have no words to console you. Just remember that your mom is always with you as we can see a lot of qualities in you which were given by your mom. Also remember that she would always like you to be happy and strong. She will always be a pleasant memory for all of us.

Please take care of yourself and remember I am there for anything you would need.

With lots of prayers and love,



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