Condolence Letter on Death


Mr. Jeffery Parker

G tech Services

421 Janie St


AL 31458-3245

15th November 2010

Sub: Condolence Letter

Dear Mr. Parker,

It is with profound sadness we found out about the death of Mr. Peter Andrews, your esteemed employee. I had the pleasure of meeting him on various board meetings and have always understood that your company welfare was his top priority at all times. The enthusiasm and attitude he possessed was really captivating.  I have always used him as an example during few of my personal meetings as well.

I am sure his demise has put a sudden break for both you and your company. Losing him should be a great loss for you all, I have met him only a couple of times and feel the loss to a great extent, I am sure all his colleagues, friends and family should be suffering a lot at his sudden unexpected end.

I along with my co workers would like to convey our deepest condolences and would also like to extend any help his family would need currently.

Our sincere prayers for the soul and all the loved ones are always there.


Janet David.

HR. Manager

LR Consultancy services.

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