Complaint Letter Template


Mrs Braganza,

Class 5 teacher,

St Theresa School,



Mrs Pitt,

C-2, Waterloo Archway,


Dear Mrs Pitt,

This is Mrs Braganza, class teacher of your child Draco, writing to convey a matter of concern with regard of Draco’s studies. Draco has been a brighter child among all other students in our class, be it studies, be it sports or be I any other extracurricular activity. However, of late, Draco’s concentration has become a little vague. There may be some reason behind this. I tried to figure it out and sole the problem, if one existed. However, I did not get anything of this sort.

I need you to get a look into what Draco is up to and why is his performance getting weaker by the day. Do not escort to severe means because this can worsen things. May be, he just needs rejuvenation. I just need Draco to perform the way he used to, wholeheartedly. I wish that this letter serves its purpose and desired result is produced.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Braganza

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