Complaint Letter on a Training Course


Ms Isabella,


Masterstroke Dance Academy,



Mr Terence,

Masterstroke Dance Academy,


Dear Sir,

This letter has come into effect to express my grievance about the clumsy and sluggish progress in the training course which I have been pursuing at the Masterstroke Dance Academy. Sir, the dance trainer for the Hip Hop style does attend the training sessions almost for one third of all the training sessions which have been allocated for us to learn. This eventually results in the wastage of time of the students and the students are denied to progress on to learning of a new form of dancing since the training of the current dance form is not completed.

This has almost engulfed the time required to learn more than two dance forms. I am hopeful that you will look into this matter as soon as possible and help the students get better utilisation of the time which they have got squeezed out of their busy schedules for learning dance.

Yours sincerely,


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