Competition Request Letter


Mr Bootstrap,


PLF group


All employees

Dear people,

I, Mr Bootstrap, the chairman of the PLF group, am writing this letter to invite all the employees of the PLF group for the different competitions organized by the management of the PLF group. The purpose of organizing these competitions is to make the working atmosphere stress free and also to inject some zeal in all the employees. The competition is open for all the employees and each employee, irrespective of the position which he or she serves and irrespective of the departments, in which he or she serves, is eligible for all the competition.

The only different category of competition is the male and the female category, which is obvious. Exciting prices are on offer. The employees shall be given holiday on the day following the competitions. I, Mr Bootstrap, the chairman of PLF group, request all the employees to be a part of the competitions. Wishing you all the best,

Yours truly,

Mr Bootstrap

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