Company Outing Announcement Letter


Mr Steward,

Head of Finance department,

DRS Companies Ltd,



The Finance department staff,

DRS Companies Ltd,


Dear folks,

I, Mr Steward, the head of the finance and accounting department of the DRS Companies Ltd, am writing this letter to make a happy announcement. The annual assessment results of the various departments of the DRS Companies Ltd have been culminated and our department of Finance and Accounting has been awarded for the best Serving department of the year. Not only this, the company executives have promised a pay hike in the coming month; the details of which have under the final stages of specification.

Employees from Finance department have been chosen for further training and have been offered an outing to the company headquarters in New York. This outing shall be of a 14 days, where the staff people shall be taught and trained for 10 days and shall be given 4 days of all-expense holiday in New York City. Hoping that everyone takes this advantage to its fullest,

Yours faithful,

Mr Steward

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