Company Authorization Letter


The In-charge,

M/s Associated Company,

#11, Durham,

Square Street


DH7 AS44

Date: 04th March 2012

Subject: Authorization to handle the equipment on behalf of our company

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned hereby authorize M/s Dare Machines to act on behalf of our company with regard to the equipment purchase transaction that we currently have with you. The aforesaid company has all the authority to sign documents related to the transaction on our behalf. Any decision or action taken by this company shall amount to the same as the powers held by us and shall have the same affect as that of our own.

You can continue to transact with this company on all official matters until any express notice to stop the same from our company. The authorization holds good till any such official written withdrawal from our company.


Signature of Authorized Signatory,

Sales Department

XYZ Company Ltd.


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