Committee Employee Retirement Letter


Mr Stevenson,

Divisional head,

Child welfare committee


Mr Swann

Dear Mr Swann,

This letter has been drafted and forwarded to you to make you aware of the fact that the retirement deadline for your tenure in the Child welfare committee has reached the shore. The next week shall see the last services offered by you to the Child welfare committee. This is very sad news not only for me being the divisional head under who such a responsible employee worked but also for the entire Child welfare committee.

Considering that the good things should always have an ideal end, the retirement comes at a correct point in your tenure in the Child welfare committee that you have achieved and accomplished all the goals which you and the organization has collectively contemplated upon. We wish for a very pleasant life waiting for you on the par side of the retirement and we hope that your health always improves with your age. Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Mr Stevenson

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