Commercial Lease Proposal Letter


Jerry Singer

Administration manager

Blooper Real Estate Limited

543 Rain Forest Drive

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4589

Dated: 8th of August 2012

Subject: Proposal letter for commercial lease

Respected Mr. Singer,

This letter is in regards to the commercial property owned by your organization located at 56 Times Square Avenues, Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4534. I would like to express my interest to take that particular property on lease in order to set up a new office for our organization.

Our organization Gas Garment Limited is looking for a space on lease to set up a new office. We need a space of around 2000 sq feet and would like to take it on lease for a period of five years. Your property meets our requirements and location is also suited for our business. We agree to pay a deposit of $50000. We would pay a monthly rent of $5000 which would be paid by the fifth of every month. I hope you agree to the terms and conditions.

I request you to consider our proposal and allow us to take the commercial property on lease. I would be looking forward to a positive reply from your end.

Nash Brown

Administration Manager

Gas Garment Limited

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