Colleges Request Letter


Mrs Braganza,

The principal,

HRT College of arts,



All students

Dear students,

I, Mrs Braganza, the principal of the HRT College of arts, am writing this letter to put forward a request to all the students of the college that the students take part actively in the sporting events which are about to start in the next week of this month. You all are now grownups and hence there is no need to stress on the importance of sports and outdoor activities for a person.

Besides getting a boost for the physicality of the student, the sporting events rejuvenates the minds of the students those who take part in the sporting events. The grand success of the sporting events held in the last academic year, propelled us to stretch the scale of excitement in sporting event this year. The college managements hope that the students will generate an overwhelming response for the sporting event. The request is to enjoy sporting event with sheer grace.

Yours truly,

Mrs Braganza

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