College Adviser Appreciation Letter


James Franco,

B E, Mechanical Engineering,

Winston Engineering College,



Mrs Parkinson,

College Advisor,

Winston Engineering College,


Dear Mrs Parkinson,

This is James Franco, writing to you for expressing appreciation and gratitude for the fruitful and useful advices which you gave to me in the course of my pursuing engineering studies in Winston Engineering College. The references and recommendations provided by you translated into the answers for the bewilderment which the naive engineering students like me faced during this course.

Besides the advices on the subjects which I followed, Mrs Parkinson, you were kind enough to guide me through the righteous path of life. There was a time when I was about to lead astray but you held my nerves like a guardian and made me realise what I was up to. For all these support from you, I can offer sheer appreciation and gratitude from the core of my heart at this very moment. I would never forget the values inculcated by you. Wishing you good health in future,

Yours appreciatively,

James Franco

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