College Admission Letter

Michael Lloyd


Birminghan, B16 2TT

June 12, 2010

Dean of Admissions

College of Sciences

Brighton University

Lewes Road

Brighton, BN2 4AT

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a recent graduate of BS Biology.  I have read about your excellent graduate program and I am interested in taking up my Masteral degree in your college.  I know that you are one of the reputed schools in the field of sciences and hope I could study in the wonderful learning environment that your school provides.  I have read about the qualifications stated in your brochure and I believe that I pass these qualifications.

In this regard, I would like to request a copy of the application form I need to accomplish for your college entrance exam.  Please send the form to my above mentioned address.

I have enclosed a cheque for ₤10 in payment of the application fee and postal charges.

Thank you and I hope for your positive action

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lloyd

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