College Acceptance Letter


Jacob L Wilson

#34, Forest Lane


Date: 13-02-2012

Subject: College acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Wilson

This letter is being written to you to inform you about the acceptance of your admission request letter that you submitted in our college for admission in the engineering course. You have been selected for the Computer Science & Engineering course in St. Stevens College of engineering and Technology.

After checking your score in the entrance exam and reviewing your academic achievements, we are really glad to offer you admission in our college. I have also attached a college brochure and the semester-wise engineering course details for your perusal. You are required to confirm your admission by 1st March 2012, by submitting all the required documents and information in the college’s admission cell.

Congratulations for admission and good wishes for your future.


Mrs. Martha Miller

Dean – Admissions

St. Stevens College of engineering and Technology

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