Coal Sales Proposal Letter


Mr Maguire,

Sales manager,

YK coal ltd,



The chief manager,

HIL energies ltd

Dear sir / madam,

I, Mr Maguire, the sales manager of the YK coal firm, am writing this letter in order to convey the fact that the coal production has been stepped down for this quarter on an urgent basis because of the ongoing recessive patch in the commercial world. This will result in less quantity of coal from the mines and hence the coal firm shall not be able to meet the sale commitment made in prior agreements.

This drastic step has been intimated to you in the prior confrontation and you agreed on the situation subject to the terms and conditions put forward by both the sides. Hence, this letter serves as the official recognition of the contemplation which has been agreed upon by both the sides in the prior confrontation. I hope that the changes made for the sale of coal for this quarter shall not have any effect on the working relationship.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Maguire

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