Clothing Termination Letter


The College Authorities,

Excellence Engineering College


All Students

Dear students,

This letter is to inform you that the college authorities have decided to curb on the habit among certain students of being skimpily clad and promote vulgarism in the college premises. It has been observed that certain students have been garnering the idea of turning the college premises into a fashion event by wearing the clothing stuff which is very much not suitable for the college ambience.

This has been a matter of concern and the college decorum needs to be reinstated at the earliest. The list of the clothing materials which have been banned in the college premises, henceforth, has been enclosed along with the letter. The college authorities hope that the students will help to make the college have its stature in terms of the dress sense among the students. Those who try to disobey the rules specified shall face grim consequence, with their parents/guardians coming into the scene.

Yours caringly,

The College Authorities,

Excellence Engineering College

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