Client Appreciation Letter

August 20, 2010

Mr. Michael Pillay


Excellent Electronics

Liverpool, L4 5UX

Dear Sir,

I write to express my commendation of your store’s products and services.  In the past, I had been purchasing my electronic appliances and tool needs at a different store.  When your branch opened in town, I was enticed to shop at your store because of the spacious and convenient store layout.  I left your store happy and have been coming back ever since.

I also appreciate your warm customer service.  Your sales representatives are well-informed about the different products you offer which has helped me in choosing the right products to buy.  Their assistance makes me feel satisfied in the products I buy and has even fostered a friendly rapport with your regular staff.

Thank you again for providing good products and services.  I refer your store to my friends and relatives who are looking for such products.


Baron Pearce

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