Church Welcome Letter


Mr. William Bush,

23- 8, 3rd street,

Spencer Road,

London, Great Britain

February 20th, 2012

Dear Mr. Bush & Family,

On behalf of Great Britain Church Committee, I would like to welcome you to our weekly spiritual church programs. Since all spiritual programs solely depend on volunteers and donations, it would not be possible for our church committee to conduct timely programs without your assistance.

With the overwhelming support of your volunteering, our church committee can provide financial support to disabled people, poor families and senior citizens. We hope that you will spiritually experience the love of God by indulging into weekly sacred church programs.

The pamphlet is enclosed with this letter as a piece of some noteworthy information of interest from our Church Committee. We conduct weekly church services except the second Sunday of every month.

I hope that you will come to attend the weekly spiritual church programs.

I look forward to meet you!

God Bless,

Father Hennery Bensalem

The Great Britain Church Committee

129, Hyde Park Gate,

Bayswater Road,

London, Great Britain

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