Christmas Party Invitation Letter


Jack Potter,

D-12, Privet Drive,



Mr Anderson,

B-9, Baker’s Street,


Dear Mr Anderson,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in the pink. This letter has been drafted by me to convey invites for the Christmas party which I have organised for my parents. It has been a while that both of my parents spent some quality times with their friends and loved ones. Christmas will serve as the perfect occasion for the mass meet since almost everyone is free from their work and can enjoy wholeheartedly. Dad and Mum have been going through gruelling schedules of late and I am sure even you and Aunt Petunia too. This will be nice rejuvenation to everyone.

Now, I have not informed Mum and Dad about this Christmas party and have nurtured it as a surprise and the same is expected from you too. Give my regards to Aunt Petunia. I am looking forward to see you both on Christmas at the party.

Yours lovingly,


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