Christmas Letter to Husband

December 24, 2010

Dear love,

It’s Christmas once again and it is indeed a very happy one for our family because of you.  Each Christmas marks another year of warm memories shared together.  Truly, Christmas is all about loving and sharing, both of which are at the heart our family.  For this, I thank the Lord.

I know that we have been through a lot of challenges this year – Ivan getting sick, me suffering from depression, and then our house getting damaged in the storm.  But with the grace of God we have stayed together and we have surfaced from these trials as much stronger parents and a closer family.

I thank you for always understanding me and helping me get through my sadness.  I love you so much!  You are such a blessing to me and I pray that the Lord always guide us in our relationship.

Merry Christmas darling.

Your Wife,


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