Christmas Letter Template


Jack Sparrow,

Wellington University Hostel,



Mr Sparrow,

C-12, Privet Drive,


Dearest Dad,

I wish and hope that this letter finds you and Mum in good health. Dad, my term has ended and Christmas holidays have begun. However, like I have said that I would not be able to come home because of the forthcoming dancing event which we are organising. I know Mum would be surely sullen for this. Tell her that even I am regretting this decision of mine. How Dearly I wish to be with both of you on this Christmas! In fact, this is my first Christmas which I would not be celebrating with you two.

Tell Mum that I miss her muffins so dearly that none of the pastries and chocolates here entices me anymore. Dad, I miss your decorations. I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Do sing Christmas Carols aloud like every time and do take care of yourselves. Love You.

Yours caringly and lovingly,


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