Christening Announcement Letter


Mrs Knowles,

E-12, Victor Drive,



Mrs Swift,

13-B, Lobster Drive,


Dear Mrs Swift,

I am hoping that this letter finds you at the peak of your health. By the way, I am drafting this letter to announce to you and your family that the Christening ceremony of my child shall be taking place on the 22nd of this month. I am hopeful that you shall be coming to share the happiness and this ceremony with all of us. I believe that you remember me asking about all the details of this ceremony and I seek your help in making this ceremony culminate in traditional yet memorable way.

Mr Swift has already been around here last Sunday when I have told them about this ceremony and I suppose that they might have intimated to you as well. But, still I though it better t talk to you straight away. I suppose his cold has cured in the meanwhile. Hoping for your helpful hand in this ceremony,

Yours friendly,

Mrs Knowles

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