Children Christmas Letter


Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schweps,

#99 Easy Bay Street,




6th October 2010.

Subject: Best Wishes on the eve of Christmas

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hope this letter finds both of you in the best of health and great spirits. I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Unfortunately I will not be there with you both for this Christmas as my university has postponed my semester end examinations which are scheduled right after New Year. I know how bad both of you must be feeling for me not joining the Christmas celebrations at our home like every year.

Trust me even I am feeling equally bad about it.

But I surely know that both of you will bless me with lots of love like every Christmas even this year. I miss both of you a lot. Wish you both good health and happiness always.

Your Loving Daughter,


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