Child Custody Character Reference Letter

Mrs. Marian McRobbie

75 Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill

London W11 3 HP

September 10, 2011

Mrs. Angela Hobson

33 Blandford Street


London W1U 3DN

Dear Mrs. Hobson,

I am writing to you for a personal r eference requested by Ms. Patricia Wilson. I have known Patricia for

four years now since she began employment with me as a babysitter and mother’s helper. During those

years, I have the privilege of seeing Patricia blossom from a high school student to a responsible young

woman who diligently finished her course in Associate Degree in Child Care. With her education and

hands on experience in caring for my children, I am confident that she can take on the full time

employment of a nanny with you.

When Patricia first came to my employ, I have just given birth to my first son and her primary task was

to watch over my son while I worked from my home office. After two years, another child came along

and Patricia rose up to challenge of increased responsibilitie s. She was capable of preparing meals for

my kids, taking them on short walks to the park, and even managed to read to them children stories . I

would say that Patricia made my life easier and I always felt comfortable and secured in leaving my kids

to her care.

If you need further discussion on this, please feel free to call me at 020 7611 7700.


Mrs. Marian McRobbie

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