Charity Commission Resignation Letter


The GENEROUS charity commission


Mr Will Garner

Dear Mr Will Garner,

This letter has been drafted to make you aware of the fact that the GENEROUS charity commission gracefully accepts the resignation put forward by you in the resignation application which was made on the date of 18 March 2011. The commission will try to exploit this situation to make you aware that the commission highly commends the services discharged by you over the years.

The commission understands that one has to fulfil the personal commitments along with the professional and the social commitments and hence the resignation has been accepted by the commission. It would be a daunting task for the commission to find the replacement for the void created by your absence, since you have been the stalwart of the commission for a long period of time and the services which you offered in the relentless way is not everyone’s cup of tea. Wishing you a happy retirement life ahead,

Yours faithfully,

The GENEROUS charity commission.



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