Charity Appeal Letter Sample


Ms Braganza,

Xavier Institute of Medical Sciences,



Mr Knowles,

E-1, Windsor Garden Palace,


Dear Mr Knowles,

This letter has been drafted to appeal you, on behalf of the Xavier Institute of Medical Sciences, to join us in the ‘Vaccination for the Poor Child’ campaign. Couple of weeks before, the national records about child health has surfaced on a national television channel. The entire country has been mulling over this issue. We have decided to go a step further and contribute our part in helping the poor to get vaccinated.

Talking about the campaign, the medical assistance has been guaranteed by our institute. However, the arrangements shall need some capital investment. You have always been well known to be a part of such noble events and hence we hope that you will come forward for uplifting charity fund which we have organised. We are hopeful that you shall help us to make this campaign successful and in turn help the needy people to acquire the basic necessity of living.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Braganza



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