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Warning Letter to Employee


Mr. Malcolm Farell,

HR coordinator

12 Bloomsborough place,

Kensington UK

31st August 2013

Sub: Warning Letter

Dear Malcolm,

It is my utmost responsibility to inform you that the senior management is unsatisfied by your performance since last appraisal. You were made permanent from a trainee position and also given the post of HR coordinator. This promotion called for better pursuance of your duties and more efficient management of time.

Quite contrary to our heightened expectations, it has come to our notice that your work has suffered a serious setback. It will be unnecessary to present excuses related to post promotion adjustment as in our meeting dated 31st May, we had clearly chalked out your work profile and duties. Timelines had been fixed for the entire HR team as an external audit is already scheduled for 31st October.

Every 15 days from now, you will have to submit a report of files finished to your senior. Completion of all files before due date is the only thing that can restore our faith in you. These are tough financial times for business and you are well aware that the company will favour assets more than liabilities.


Mr. Valerie Pritchard

HR Head

Novachem UK