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Scholarship Letters

Scholarship letters are written in order to ask permission for granting a scholarship. Generally there are scholarship examinations which decide whether or not the applicant holds the right to get a scholarship, but sometimes scholarship letters can also help in receiving a scholarship. At times scholarship letters are backed with scores of scholarship examinations which work as better means to attain the deserved scholarship or concession.

Scholarship letters can be of many types and some of them are as following:

  • Scholarship letters for fee concession
  • Scholarship letters for better grades
  • Scholarship letters for graduation


There has to be a proper format and way by which a scholarship letter has to be written. The following points can work as guidelines to help you write a proper scholarship letter:

  1. The details of your educational qualifications, skills and previous experience form the most important part of a scholarship letter.
  2. Your aims and objectives for the future career should be mentioned so that it convinces the reader of your abilities and capabilities.
  3. The overall tone of the scholarship letter should be formal and convincing. But one should take care of the fact that the letter should not look as if you are pleading to get the scholarship.

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