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Sales Letters

Sales letters are those letters which play a key role in any sales process. The importance of such letters lies in the fact that they help in following up on sales calls, Identifying new prospects, acknowledging and considering a new order, solving a problem and most importantly getting a repeat business.

Sales letters are categorized into the following types:

  • Product update sales letters
  • Selling incentive sales letters
  • Thank you sales letters
  • Introductory sales letters


Sales letters are formal document which have to be written according to a pattern. To frame a good sales letter, the following points can be considered:

  • The opening of the letter should be powerful that leaves a lasting impression. It should be something that compels the reader to read further.
  • Then move onto give a list of benefits, starting with a biggest benefit and gradually moving down to the least important one.
  • The main paragraph must stress on the actions that your company will be focusing on to provide the reader with desirable products. You must mention your unique selling point and other points which make you different.
  • The ending must present them with offers or coupons which shall work in their advantage rather than yours.

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