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Romantic Letters

Romantic letters are generally written between two people who are in a romantic relationship. These letters are personalized and are not written according to any particular pattern or format. The tone of romantic letters has to be informal and happy as they are meant to express the feeling of love.

There are various types of romantic letters:

  • Romantic love letters
  • Romantic farewell letters
  • Romantic poetic letters


Not everybody is very comfortable writing romantic letters. So we have a few tips and suggestions which might help while writing them:

  • Any romantic letter should be filled with emotions and the formal tone must be completely avoided.
  • One should not feel shy while using words which express your love for the person to whom the letter is addressed.
  • The letter could consist of all the factors that you like about the recipient.
  • It should look like that the letter is written with genuine feelings and thoughts.
  • The letter should not be copied from anywhere and should be hand written.
  • Fond memories of the times spent together could also be mentioned as it would give the letter a really warm and happy feel.
  • One could send a flower or a little gift along with the letter.


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