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Retirement Letters

Retirement Letters are used as the means to inform the company, organisation or institution about the person’s retirement. These letters are important means to let the employer know that the retiring person has completed his/her tenure and is at the retirement stage. At times retirement letters are also written by the colleagues of the retiring person to wish him good luck and success in future.

There are different types of retirement letters and some of them are as follows:

  • Retirement from school letter
  • Retirement letter from job
  • Retirement letter from college
  • Early Retirement Letter.


It is difficult to frame a retirement letter because it is just once in a lifetime that one writes a retirement letter. The following point will help you in case you are finding it hard to write a proper retirement letter:

  • The tone of a retirement letter should not be very formal.
  • The effective date of retirement should be clearly mentioned in the letter.
  • The letter can also consist of the various good experiences that you have had in the organisation.
  • These letters should contain good wishes for the retiring person.
  • Any other details related to the retirement can also be mentioned in these letters.

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