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Marketing Assistant Reference Letter


The Manager,

Human resources department,

Griffith Associates Ltd,

#5, Aldershot, Hampshire,

London, GU12

Date: 15th September 2013

Sub: Marketing assistant reference letter

Dear Manager,

I am Stephen Xavier, the Marketing Manager of XYZ Corporation and hereby writing this letter to provide reference for the position of marketing assistant in your company in the name of Ms. Alwin Thomson. Ms. Alwin is a very sincere and hardworking person who has always offered excellent support to the marketing team in our company. Being her boss has always made me proud and our loss of such a capable employee is certainly a gain for your company.

Alwin possess excellent administrative skills as well as good marketing skills that make her the perfect choice for the position of a marketing assistant. She never lacks the motivation and the eagerness to learn something new and use it in the best interests of the organization she is working for. One can count on her in times of pressure and stringent deadlines as she will calmly complete every work on hand without getting panicky with work load.

I am sure with this reference letter you will provide Alwin with an opportunity to work in your company as a marketing assistant. Please feel free to contact me on 111-222-4444 for any further information in this regards and I will be glad to provide the same.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Stephen Xavier,

Marketing Manager,

XYZ Corporation.