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Office Letters

Any letters that are related to an official purpose are known as an office letters. An office letter usually consists of any information that is related to office work such as drafting, receiving of orders, financial work etc…An official letter should be strictly professional and for that it is important for it to be formal.

There can be a variety of office letters depending upon the purpose of the letter. The following can be considered as a few categories of office letters:

  • Resignation letters
  • Business letters
  • Receiving of payment letter


Since an office letter is a formal kind of a document therefore it is to be crafted in a careful manner. The following are a few tips and suggestions that can be considered useful while framing an office letter:

  • The date should be mentioned at the very beginning of the letter that too preferably at the top left corner of the letter.
  • The subject should consist of the purpose of the letter in a clear manner.
  • The main body of the letter is reserved for the details of the work or purpose and the clear guidelines.
  • Since these are formal letters they should have a formal tone.

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