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Real Estate Purchase Offer Letter


Helen Skeeter

2245, Cielo Drive,



13th November 2013

Subject – Offer letter to purchase house

Dear Mrs. Skeeter,

It takes me immense pleasure to tell you that, we would like to make an offer to purchase your house located at 2245, Cielo Drive. After hunting for the right property that would suffice our growing family we have finally selected your house, partly because of its beauty and partly because of its location. It is very close to my children’s school and they have fallen in love with the yard you have at the back of the house.

My husband too, is extremely happy with the choice because of the pool you have. We feel it would be an ideal place for family gatherings and parties. We have heard and understand your offer, but we would like to make a revised offer on your house, because of the maintenance work that has to be done on the property. The floors in the living room are scratched and we would have to replace them. Also, the exterior needs a fresh coat of paint, which we would be happy to do. I am herewith enclosing the offer details with this letter.

Kindly consider our offer and let us know as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Helena Carter

234, Maryland Driveway