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Congratulation Interview Letter


Helen Mire

67 Green Mile Road

New South Wales, UK 4534

Dated: 3rd of August 2012

Subject: Congratulation letter for interview

Respected Miss. Mire,

This letter is in regards to the job application sent by you on 30th of July 2012 for the position of a customer service executive. I would like to bring to your notice that you have been selected for the interview round and would like to congratulate you for that.

We usually check a candidate’s background, qualifications and previous work experience before selecting them for the interview round. We also did a background check on you and were quite impressed. You have excellent work experience and we give preference to experienced candidates. I believe that you would have complete knowledge about the job position. Your interview is scheduled on 7th of August 2012 and would be taking place at our main office located at 64 Tango Charlie Avenue, New South Wales, UK 4538. You will have to report sharp at 11 in the morning. I would request you to carry another copy of your resume and two color photographs.

I would like to congratulate you again and hope to see you on the interview date.


Tom Hanks

HR Manager

GL technologies Limited