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Complaint Letter to Management


Greg Mathews

Head, Office management

Jackson and Billy Limited

F-90, first floor, Henry tower,


23rd June 2013

Subject: Complaint letter to management

Respected Sir,

I, Jack Fredrick, the team leader of the sales department, am writing this letter to you with the confidence that you shall be able to resolve my complaint. Sir, I have been the team leader in the sales department for a year now and never before have I come across an incident which has encouraged me to write a complaint letter to the management before. Thus I expect you to take this complaint seriously.

Last week, I was conducting a training program for interns when I came across Mr. Tim Redding, who is a new intern. He didn’t seem very interested in the program and on my asking him why, he replied that he found the session ‘boring’. I asked him to leave the session and meet me later on. On my questioning, he confessed that he was hired as an intern by Peter Redding (the marketing head) who is Tim’s uncle. Tim seems to have no major qualifications required for this job and has been hired simply on the basis of favorism. I completely condemn this and request you to look into the matter yourself.

Thanking you,

Jack Fredrick

Team Leader

Sales Department

Jackson and Billy Limited