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Appreciation Letter to Team


Copy writers team,

White Magic movies Pvt. Ltd.,

Cromwell Road, London

31st August 2013

Sub: Appreciation Letter

Dearest Copywriters team,

I am sure you are well aware of the fact that we have been able to bag the new Poke drink campaign. It will be hard to pinpoint the stars of this achievement as it very clear from the proposed campaign that considerable work and effort was put in all departments. It is a perfect example of team spirit, time management, and effective communication between different departments.

I am sure we will all learn from the harmony of this team and realize how important it is in today’s business to work for and with each other. An assignment as huge as this would have been impossible without motivated team work. We will need similar force to deliver what we have proposed.

Without any doubt this calls for a celebration, and the firm is announcing a party for all on Friday evening after 4 p.m. I once again want to congratulate for coming out with stupendous lines, treatment notes and artwork, and sincerely hope that this behavior will be our guiding factor in all our future work.

Thank you Writers! Wish you repeated success


Mrs. Arthur Crowley


White Magic movies Pvt. Ltd.