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Job Contract Agreement Letter


Terry Williams

43 Richie Marsh Street

South Hall, UK 2013

Dated: 5th of June 2012

Subject: Agreement letter for job contract

Respected Mr. Williams,

This letter is in regards to the job application sent to our organization for the position of a customer service executive. We have decided to hire you in the same position and enter into a job contract agreement with you.

Your position will be that of a customer service executive and your job duties will be attending to the needs of the customer over telephone and answering their queries. You will receive a monthly salary of 2000 pounds and you will receive it on fifth of every month. You will be on probation for the first six months and would not be able to take any leaves during that period. You will have to work five days a week, Saturdays and Sundays being fixed off days. Your office hours will be from ten in the morning till seven in the evening. Your joining date is from 20th of June 2012.

The agreement is enclosed with the letter and if you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement sign at the bottom of the agreement and send back to us.


Nick Nolte

HR Manager

GL Technologies