Capital Gains Tax Letter


Mr Jonathan,

Tax Officer,

Income Tax Department,

South Northumberland


Mrs Smith,

House no 7,

King’s corner,

South Northumberland

Dear Mrs Smith,

I, Mr Jonathan, the tax officer of the tax department under which your residency and the offices come, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that the tax department has acquired the need to clear the air regarding certain taxes to be paid on your part regarding the capital gains in the current financial year. It would be very co-operative of you if you turn up in the tax office on the 15 March, that is, 10 days from now.

The matter under concern is a grave one and needs to be sort out at the earliest. The tax department is hoping for a quick and a favourable response from your side, as it has usually privileged to receive from a responsible citizen like you. Since the matter is very grim and needs immediate solutions, the legal way shall be approached if favourable response does not turn up.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jonathan

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