Cancellation of Order Apology Letter

September 6, 2010

Mr. Robert Chapman

General Manager

Electric Suppliers

Dear Mr. Chapman,

In behalf of the Efficience Electronics, I am notifying your company that we are cancelling our order of ten laptops.  The first five laptops that you have delivered last month had several faulty parts and we have had to ask for maintenance service twice already.

This is our first business deal and we apologize for having to cancel our orders.  However, the faulty machines you have given us has already caused work delays, thus causing unneccessary losses in our business due to constant repari of the laptops.

Should we have new business needs for computers and other related equipment, feel free to continue sending your brochures although we cannot assure you that you will again be considered for future orders.

Thank you and we sincerely hope for your success in the business.


Shirley Lydon

Procurement Officer

Efficiency Electronics

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