Cancellation Letter Format


Name [here mention the name of the recipient]

Designation [here mention the company name and designation of the recipient]

Address [mention the official address of the recipient]

Date [mention the date on which the letter is being sent]

Subject: [Briefly describe the purpose of writing the letter with a good title]

Dear Mr. / Ms, {Give the name of the person to whom letter is being written along with appropriate salutation}.

Paragraph One: {The main reason for writing the cancellation letter should be specified here}.

Paragraph Two: {In this paragraph the sender has to write the causes or circumstances for cancellation being requested along with apologies for the same}.

Third Paragraph: {In this third and last paragraph the sender should specify details for confirmation that are required regarding the acceptance of cancellation thereof}.

Yours sincerely

Name [here mention the name of the sender]

Address [here mention the address of the sender]

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