Buy Termination Letter


Ms Braganza,

Chief librarian,

HC College


Mr Smith,

JCL book depot

Dear Mr Smith,

I, Ms Braganza, the chief librarian of the HC College, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that the buy order for all the books, the list which was enclosed in the letter dated on 29 March of this month, has been terminated. This is because of a number of problems and issues which the sample books provided by your book depot has come up with. The first and the foremost thing which has been bothering us the most is that the books, sent to us on a sample basis, do not have a proper bind.

Since it has been discussed in the prior confrontation that the books have to have a proper bind, otherwise the further order shall be terminated; the step has been taken after a unanimous decision from our side. I hope for a gracious and mature response for this matter from your side,

Yours truly,

Ms Braganza.

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