Business Termination Letter


Chief Sales Officer,

Innova Company Ltd,

#90, Ashington,



NE24 PA55

20th April 2012

Subject: Termination of business contract due to delayed product delivery

Dear Sir,

We regret to inform you that we have decided to terminate all business dealings with your company. Even in the past we have been repeatedly following up with your company with regard to the delayed delivery of products each month. In spite of repeated follow-ups and warnings as well there has been no change in the delivery time. This is not only annoying but also costly business affair for us. We have given your company enough opportunities to mend your dispatch cycle but there has been no significant improvement.

Given this indifference to the business relationship and the heavy losses we are incurring due to delay we stand to cancel all future orders given to your company from this very month. You can contact our purchase department for collecting the payment for the goods delivered so far.

Yours truly,

Andrew Jones.

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