Business sales letter

Ms. Madeleine Curran


Delivery Unlimited

Huddleston Road, Holloway

London, N7 1EH

April 10, 2010

Ms. Mary Atkins


Best Clothes, Inc.


Dear Ms. Atkins,

Your clothing business is a popular brand and it must be essential to have your supplies efficiently and promptly delivered to your clients’ stores.  If you are looking for a reliable delivery group, we are the best you can find in town.

Our company, Delivery Unlimited, has been in the delivery business since 1980.  Through years of experience, we have constantly improved our services and have become the most reputable company in this field.  We assure you of our speedy delivery and we have money-back guarantee for any unwarranted delays.

We would be more than willing to discuss our services with you.  We have special promos for bulk deliveries and long-term contracts.

Thank you.  Our sales representative in the area will contact you should you express interest in our services.


Madeleine Curran

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